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Victor Votes Proclmation


 WHEREAS, Victor residents are known to be passionate, to hold high revere, and to show a level of care for Victor as our small town with big town challenges, our community to welcome visitors to, and simply as our place to come home to; and

 WHEREAS, the geographic and socioeconomic realities of Victor’s regional position present unique challenges to our electorate’s capacity to engage in local issues, it is incumbent on community leadership, beginning with City government, to raise awareness about elections and ballot initiatives, about when and where citizens can vote or register, and to encourage citizens to become informed on the decisions they will be asked to make at the polls; and

 WHEREAS, on May 18, 2021 election polling stations across Teton Valley will open with important questions posed to voters including a bond question to Victor voters regarding funding the construction of a new, sustainable City Hall facility located on city-owned land in addition to remodeling and improving the existing building and construction of a new building at 32 Elm Street to house public works functions; and

WHEREAS, the city hall and public works facilities are needed to create lasting, aesthetically pleasing facilities that meet the needs of the City of Victor; to build safe, welcoming, and functional space for both city staff and the public; and to meet the ever-growing needs of Public Works with a new, functional shop and updated facilities; and

WHEREAS, funding these projects through a general obligation bond is more cost effective than other financing tools due to the availability of lower interest rates.  The estimated average annual cost to the taxpayer on the proposed bond is a tax of $89 per $100,000 of taxable assessed value; and  

WHEREAS, should the bond not pass, the city may explore other funding options such an annual appropriations lease that may be paid for through other revenue streams such as existing property tax, monthly water and sewer fees, and resort tax.  Because these projects are a top priority, the use of this funding option could strain the City’s annual budget resulting in a delay of other important city services and maintenance, and capital projects for the term of the lease; and 

 WHEREAS, political affiliation matters not, for all cast votes are equal votes and represent a voice that spoke up to be heard, to have a say in how it’s going to be, to be echoed by a collective voice that proclaims yes, indeed, Victor Votes!

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, Will Frohlich, Mayor of the City of Victor, on behalf of the City Council and the entire Victor community do hereby appeal to every Victor resident to use his or her voice in a show of passion, revere, and level of care for Victor by casting a vote during the May 18, 2021 Election.  Victor is a better place because Victor Votes!  


DATED THIS 14th day of April, 2021.

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