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The City of Victor has four dedicated staff people using two loaders, one grader, and one skidsteer to remove snow from Victor’s streets, downtown sidewalks, and safe routes to school pathways.  When two inches of snow accumulates by 2:00 A.M., the City deploys staff to plow snow even when it is still snowing.  The City ceases plowing operations mid-morning to mitigate conflicts between people and vehicles with large, heavy snow removal equipment. If one half inch or more of snow accumulates on downtown sidewalks, staff will remove snow from sidewalks at any time if they are available. 

A snow floor (a smooth and compact layer of snow) is established and maintained on Victor’s streets to protect City equipment and avoid costly replacement of plow blades.  As long as streets are drivable for smaller cars, the City will hold off on plowing operations until enough early season snow accumulates to form the snow floor.  This is why in early winter citizens will sometimes notice a higher snow accumulation in the streets than they are accustomed to later in the season.  Likewise, in very late winter, the City will hold off on plowing snow melt to maintain the snow floor.   

When the City plows, windrows (banks of plowed snow along the sides of the road) naturally form and unfortunately cross driveways.  Where possible, the City plows in a direction and manner to minimize the size of windrows across driveways.  Without the purchase of additional equipment, windrows are unavoidable, and citizens will need to remove windrows from their driveways. 

Citizens may choose to mark the edge of the street along their properties with snow poles that are made from a flexible material such as fiberglass.  Steel snow poles can puncture the tires of snow removal equipment which can cause plowing delays and costly repairs.  We also ask that citizens adhere to the Winter Parking Ban requirements and keep the right of way clear of any other personal property so that plows may safely pass through.   

For additional information, please contact the City of Victor at 208-787-2940 or through a citizen request on our website at 

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