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City Hall & Public Works Facility Assessment:  Community Input for Potential Renovation/Location Options

We are making progress on the City Hall & Public Works Facility assessment!  Below please find a brainstormed list of potential options for future City Hall and Public Works facilities.  We know that some are more feasible than others but would like to explore any potential option.  Please email any ideas or comments to Olivia Goodale, City Administrator, at by Friday, November 20th.  Thank you!

 Once we finalize the list of options to explore, they will be ranked based off values established by the first community survey and operational criteria.

 Public Works Facility:

  • Exploration of 32 Elm Street including potential renovation of existing space and/or new construction on site, with consideration given to space at the North Well.
  • Purchase land to construct a new facility.
  • Others?

 City Hall Facility: 

  • Build New City Hall Facility:
    • 45 West Center & 79 Depot Way (City owned land)
    • 39 Depot Way (City owned land)
    • Purchase land elsewhere (City unowned land)
    • Renovate 32 Elm Street into a City Hall   
    • 56 North Main, Current Library Site (Land partially owned by City of Victor, partially owned by the library)
    • Renovate the Depot at 70 Depot Way
    • Renovate the old Victor Elementary School located at 43 East Center Street
    • Continue to rent or purchase current space located in Unit 101 of 10 South Main Street 
    • Others?
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