City of Victor



Misdemeanor Jail time up to 6 months 
Up to $1000 
Infraction No jail time  Up to $1000 
Criminal  Jail time up to 6 months Up to $1000 
Civil No jail time payable at City Hall  Up to $1000
Failure to get a business license  Civil Fine  $400.00
Failure to get peddler's license Civil Fine  Up to $1000  
Failure to pay Municipal Non-Property Tax Misd  Up to $1000  
Sexually Oriented Business Failure to Permit Misd  Up to $1000  
Disturbing the Peace  Misd  Up to $1000  
Air Brake Violation  Civil  $100.00 
Open Container Infraction  Up to $1000 
Residential Property Nuisances Misd  Up to $1000
Failure to Obtain Permits  25% of cost of permit
Public Indecency- Nudity  Misd  Up to $1000
Dog at Large -Civil  $50 1st, $100 2nd, $150 3rd & 4th misd 
Dogs in City Park -Civil  $25.00 
Animal Control- Non-Licensing Civil Fine  $50 1st, $100 2nd, $150 3rd & 4th misd 
AC Failure to Restrain/Nuisance Civil  $50 1st, $100 2nd, $150 3rd & 4th misd 
AC impound 1st offense payable to shelter  $50.00 
AC impound 2nd offense payable to shelter  $100.00 
AC impound 3rd offense and over payable to shelter  $150.00 
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