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Public Ways and Property

Municipal Code: Title 6: Public Ways and Property
This is an unofficial copy of the City Code of Victor Idaho and does not legally bind the city in any manner. This web version of the code is made available for reference purposes only; it may not reflect recent changes to the code and should not be used for any official purpose. For an official copy of any part of the City Code, please contact the City of Victor.

1. Water Regulations; Rates
2. Cross Connection Control
3. Sanitary Sewer 
4. Trees 
5. Special Events/Mass Gathering 
6. Pathways Limited To Pedestrians And Bicycles 
7. Credits for Sewer and Water Hookup Fees 
8. Streets, Sidewalks and Parkways
9. Pretreatment
10. Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)

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