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Comprehensive Plan

The City of Victor is Updating its growth policy and transportation plans and we want to know what you think makes Victor the best. ReEnvision Victor will guide development and plan for and prioritize strategic investments. Join the conversation by completing the survey on the Comprehensive Plan Website.

Below are sections of the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Available to download in .pdf documents.

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1: Development of a Community Vision 
Chapter 2: Trends, Conditions and Needs 
Chapter 3: Property Rights 
Chapter 4: Population and Demographics 
Chapter 5: School Facilities and Transportation 
Chapter 6: Economic Development 
Chapter 7: Land Use 
Chapter 8: Natural Resources 
Chapter 9: Hazardous Areas 
Chapter 10: Public Services, Facilities and Utilities 
Chapter 11: Transportation Plan 
Chapter 12: Parks and Recreation 
Chapter 13: Special Areas and Sites 
Chapter 14: Housing Analysis 
Chapter 15: Implementation

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