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The City of Victor requires a business owner to obtain a business license. In some incidences the federal government may also require that you secure special licenses or permits, depending on your kind of business.
Local Business License
This is an annual license that grants you, as the business owner, the privilege of legally operating a business within city limits.  Business licenses expire on December 31st of each year and must be renewed each year to remain active. 
State Business Licenses 
State business licenses are issued to businesses that provide products or services regulated by state law. For example, special state licenses are required for doctors, lawyers, hairdressers, realtors, auto mechanics, private investigators, building contractors and others who must meet state licensing requirements- i.e. a certain level of certified training or education. State licenses are also required for business that must meet certain standards or codes, such as restaurants and other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.
Federal Permits
In general, federal licensing is required for business that is highly regulated by the government. For example, firms providing investment advice, interstate-trucking companies, businesses involved with meat preparation, and those that sell heavily regulated products such as firearms. If you need a federal license, consider consulting an attorney to advise you or to handle the entire application process for you. 
Many businesses are also required to obtain permits such as a Idaho sales tax permit, building permit, and health permits. Generally, permits regulate the safety, structure and the appearance of the community as defined by local and state laws.   Before starting a business it's best to first research the kinds of permits you need. This helps ensure that you are in compliance with regulations and avoid costly delays and expenses relating retooling your business after the fact.
  • Research the permits you need through the appropriate agency.
  • Make sure your business complies with City of Victor and State of Idaho laws.
  • Obtain proper application forms and /or set up the proper application procedures (in some cases this might be an onsite inspection).
  • File the necessary paperwork to obtain the relevant permit(s), and pay any filing fees.

Useful Websites for Existing and Startup Businesses
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