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Don't forget fire hydrants

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Public Service Announcement

Don’t forget fire hydrants when you clear snow

What a winter we’re having!  And, it’s still snowing! 

 Although we all would rather be outside enjoying this winter wonderland, shoveling and snow blowing is a necessary chore.  We’d like to send out a friendly reminder that when you’re clearing your driveway of snow, please don’t forget to also clear out the area around any fire hydrant near your home. 

 It’s a critical but an often-overlooked task. If emergency workers need fire hydrant access to water to battle a blaze, seconds count. Time spent shoveling out a fire hydrant is time lost to save a life or a home.

Please do not hesitate to contact the City at 208-787-2940 should you have any questions.  Have fun out there and stay safe! 




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