City of Victor
Date:  Wednesday January 13, 2021 (01/13/21)

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Victor City Council
Wednesday January 13, 2021
7:00 P.M.
City Council Chambers, 32 Elm Street

I. Opening
          a. Call to Order
          b. Pledge of Allegiance
          c. Roll Call
          d. Announcements
                               i. This meeting, including its audio and visual, will be livestreamed to the public on the City’s Facebook page. Any audio and visual comments made by the public during the meeting will be included in the livestream.  Please keep your devices on mute at all times during the meeting unless you are actively speaking.
                              ii. City offices will be closed on January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

II. Visitors

(The Visitors section of the agenda is reserved for public comment pertaining to items not listed on the agenda. Public comment relating to work session items and public hearing will be taken under those portions of the agenda. Please approach the podium and state your name and address for the record.  Please make public comment within three minutes.)
          a. COVID-19 Pandemic Update, Geri Rackow, Eastern Idaho Public Health

III. Work Session (Items listed in this section of the agenda are action items unless otherwise indicated. Public comment will be taken on all items).
          a. City Hall/Public Works Facilities: Introduction to Annual Appropriation Lease vs. Bond/Ballot Question. Christian Anderson, Zions Bank Representative.
          b. City Hall Public Works Facilities Project:  Review of Land Use Code and Design Guideline Requirements- Olivia Goodale, City Administrator (Action Item)
          c. Code Enforcement Policy- Olivia Goodale, City Administrator and Kim Kolner, Planning Director (Action Item)

IV. Public Hearings & Action Items
(All items listed in this section of the agenda are Action Items. However, public comment will only be taken for Public Hearings).

V. Ordinances & Resolutions (All items listed in this section of the agenda are Action Items. Public comment will not be taken).

VI. Consent Calendar
(All items listed in this section of the agenda are Action Items. Public comment will not be taken). Roll Call Vote.
          a. December 28, 2020 Special Meeting Minutes
          b. January 7, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes
          c. Contract with OPS Strategies to Assist with the Creation of the Hillside/Wildlife Overlay District - AMD 2020-04
          d. Disbursements

VII. Matters from Mayor, Council, & Staff
a. Mayor and Council Reports
           b. Appointment of City Council Liaison for the City Hall Public Works Facilities Project
           c. Dashboard
           d. List of Tentative Upcoming Work Session Items
                                  i. 1/27 – FY21 Q1 Update

VIII. Adjourn (Action Item)




Date Posted 1/7/2021


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