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Date:  Monday April 06, 2020 (04/06/20)

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Agenda for the April Regular Monthly Meeting of the

Victor Urban Renewal Agency Board of Commissioners

April 6th, 2020

9:30 a.m.

Location – To Be Decided

Anyone requiring special access consideration must notify the VURA 2 days in advance of the meeting.


I.  Opening –

               a. Call to Order - Tom Clark, Chair 

                b. Roll Call – Tom Clark, Chair 

                c. Determination of a quorum – Time- 9:30 a.m. - Tom Clark, Chair  

                d. Certify Meeting Notice – Erin Gaffney

 II.  Action Items -  

              a.  Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting –Tom Clark, Chair

               b. Approval of Monthly Claims – Erin Gaffney, Admin/Treasurer

               c.  Officer Elections  - Elect Vice President nominated at the March meeting – Tom Clark, Chair

III.  Work Session –  

               a. Review of Monthly Financial Reports – Erin Gaffney, Administrator/Tom Clark 

               b. Administrator Updates - Erin Gaffney

V.  Adjourn VURA Meeting (11:00 a.m.)


AGENDA – posted

  March 17th , 2020

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