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Teton Valley Land Use Code Project


Project Background

The City of Victor is part of the four county Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium that received a grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2011.  The grant is for the purpose of developing a sustainable framework for the future growth and development of our four-county region that extends across two states and two national parks.  The four county consortium includes Madison, Freemont, and Teton Counties, Idaho, as well as Teton County, Wyoming.  The national importance of our region and need to develop in a sustainable way was key in the award of this national grant.

The Sustainable Communities Regional Planning grant includes funding to develop an integrated model code template that will implement the sustainability intents articulated by the participating communities.  Funding allows for a pilot demonstration of the template with Teton County, Idaho and the cities of Driggs and Victor serving as the model.   The project will seek to prepare a new zoning and subdivision and development code.  While there is no obligation for the County or either city to adopt the new regulations, the grant is funding the preparation of a draft code that will be available for adoption throughout the region.  This is a major potential advance for the County, Driggs and Victor and should heighten our profile nationally and aid in sustainable economic development. 

Under the consortium umbrella, Teton County, Driggs and Victor have engaged the services of nationally prominent Code Studio of Austin, Texas.  Code Studio is nationally experienced in the area of contemporary form based coding, which provides the opportunity for sustainable mixed-use, pedestrian friendly community design along with high-amenity downtown design forms, similar in concept to the 2006 EPA Smart Growth audit performed and concept designs presented for Driggs and Victor.  The project is divided into three phases: 


Project Overview
Phase I:  Mode Code Understanding

·       Stakeholder outreach:  Interviews for County, Driggs and Victor stakeholders.  Stakeholder groups include large landowners, downtown business groups, real estate interests, economic development groups, environmental interests, development and design groups, and elected and appointed officials, among others (November 13th and 14th, 2013).

·       Issue identification:  This report will summarize stakeholder outreach issues and describe tools and authority available to various levels of government.

·       Code Studio will discuss best practices to land development that address conditions unique to our region and stakeholder input. 


Phase II:  Teton Valley Vision

·       Document Review:  Code Studio will review and study existing county and city land development regulations, ordinances, previous studies and plans to prepare for the project ahead. 

·       County and city staffs and the consultant will conduct public meetings to introduce the planning process and identify conflicts and areas of concern before beginning a design and modeling process (charrette). 

·       Code Studio, supplemented by urban design, economic, transportation and computer visualization experts, will hold a six-day planning and design charrette (July 26th - August 2nd, 2013). 


Phase III: Teton Valley Code Drafting
·       Code Studio, in close cooperation with legal consul and staff, will draw from the charrette vision to prepare a code for the Victor, Driggs, and surrounding Teton County, Idaho.  The code will implement the local vision as well as regional sustainability principles

 Subsequent project phases will deal with code refinement and tailoring for consortium-wide use beyond that of Teton County, Driggs and Victor. 

You can view the adopted code here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator, Josh Wilson, at Joshw@victorcityidaho.com





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