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Sherman Park Designs


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Sherman Park Project

(Previously named Pioneer Park)


The approximately 50 acres of the city’s Sherman Park is one of Victor’s principal assets.  The park dovetails with the recurring theme of Teton Valley as a recreation venue offering activities ranging from ice skating and Nordic skiing to cycling activities, lawnmower racing, equestrian facilities, athletic fields, dog parks, and picnic areas.  The Sherman Park master plan completed and approved in 2011 also provides space for a recreation center with indoor swimming pool and nature trails, among others. 


The park designers set aside substantial areas around the southern end of the park and along Baseline Road and Agate Street for civic and non-profit building development.  These spaces offer small building frontages along the two park intersecting roads which will help buffer the large internal parking areas.  Future plans could include an arts center, classroom space, an economic development facility, non-profit office space, and a civic-sized meeting center.  Space has further been allocated for a performing arts amphitheater.  The park has the capacity to accommodate over 100,000 square feet of civic oriented building space.  


The city was a 2009 recipient of a federal Stimulus I grant which provided a professionally designed 114 parking space combination transit center and park and ride facility for the south end of the park.   Construction of the non-profit Teton Basin Ice and Recreation skating facility occurred at the same time with phase I providing a slightly less than regulation size hockey and skating facility.  Subsequent phases call for an extension of the rink to regulation hockey size with spectator stands and ice making equipment.  The rink has enjoyed considerable use particularly with area youth in the daytime and pick-up hockey games for adults at night;   figure skating serves prominently.  Long-term plans call for an indoor swimming pool adjacent to the ice arena with heat interchange from the ice making operation being used to heat the pool water. 


The master plan was executed with the objective of providing discrete space for a number of activities while connecting them with an organizing natural pathway system.  There is one pathway promenade connecting the south skating area to the east-west pathway and another connecting the north end with the athletic fields and picnic and pump track areas.   The park will ultimately be developed with five parking areas with one designed for equestrian trailer parking.    The entire site is overlaid with a seasonal cyclocross track for spring through fall use and a Nordic ski track that is used during winter snow cover months.   Large areas of the park are now covered in and will be maintained with natural sage brush and native grasses.     


Events of noteworthiness are the fall Moose Cross cyclocross event which draws hundreds of competitors locally and regionally.   The park has the potential to be a major contributor to the city and Valley-wide economy through the development of its varied recreational facilities.  


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