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Open Letter of Support of Jackson & Teton County, WY Housing and Transportation Initiative

On October 12, 2016, the City Councils of Victor, Driggs and Tetonia and Board of Teton County, Idaho Commissioners wrote the Town of Jackson and Teton County Wyoming Board of County Commissioners in joint support of the upcoming Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming ballot measure to dedicate a 1% local option sales tax towards two major issues facing our regional community: affordable housing and transportation.  

The letter states in part, "The housing crisis coupled with a high need for transportation options highlights the dynamic relationship that exists between Teton Valley and Jackson Hole.  It becomes especially significant when many Teton Valley citizens, homeowners and renters alike, make the Teton Pass commute to form a notable segment of the Jackson Hole workforce on a daily basis.  It is also important to consider that it is Jackson Hole’s jobs that contribute to a certain level of affordability for the Teton Valley community.  The dedication of an estimated $40,000,000 to $48,000,000 in revenue generated over the course of four years with an objective to ease affordable housing and transportation in Jackson Hole, will naturally impact Teton Valley.  As transportation options improve in Jackson Hole, so will the commute for our Teton Valley residents."  

View the full letter in the below .pdf!


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