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New Interactive Zoning Reveiw Tool December 5th, 2016.

The City of Victor’s intern has created an interactive zoning tool to better assist developers with the building requirements for each building type and zone.  This PDF allows you the option to pick what zone the property is in as well as the desired building type. The tool then will give you all the building requirements for the zone as well as for the desired building type.  This tool also shows you all the other required plans needed for each application type.  Overall the intent with this tool is to make it easier for the public to get the information about what’s allowed in each zone and the requirements for each building type.  The intent with this tool is to get the ball rolling and ideas flowing, but ultimately the developer should get in contact with the planning administrator for a more concrete understanding of all the requirements needed to be met for each development.

   Zoning Tool

DISCLAIMER:  If you are looking to print the information you find you will have to download this tool and open it in a PDF viewer or similar application.  It will not print correctly if you open it on the internet.

New zoning / land development code and new zoning map effective December 17th, 2015.
After holding a public hearing on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 Victor City Council unanimously voted to adopt by ordinance a new zoning map and a new land develpment and zoning code for the City of Victor. The new map and code became effective upon publication of the ordinances in the Teton Valley News on Thursday, December 17th, 2015.
The new zoning / land development code and map are the result of public input gathered at design charettes held in 2013 and 2014 and public input received from 2013-2015. The new code was drafted by consultant Code Studio of Austin, Texas, an expert in drafting codes that foster place making and walkability, and the code drafting was funded by the $1.5 million dollar Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant awarded to Fremont County, Idaho in 2011. Due to the grant award the  Western Greater Yellowstone Consortium was formed, with Victor, Driggs and Teton County joining the Consortium. Code Studio was tasked with developing a Model Code for the Teton region based on the principles of the Greater Yellowstone Framework for Sustainable Development. The Cities of Victor and Driggs and Teton County, ID volunteered to serve as the pilot communities for the Model Code. Victor, Driggs and Teton County received final draft codes in April 2015. Staff for each jursidction, as well as each jurisidction's Planning and Zoning Commission were then tasked with modifying the draft codes to tailor the codes to each jurisdiction's needs and desired land use patterns.

Below you can view and ownload each of the 15 Articles of the newly adopted code, as well as the newly adopted zoning map.

To view an archive of the Planning and Zoning Commission's work toward adopting a new code and zoning map click here

  • Meeting agendas, meeting staff reports and accompanying documents, and meeting minutes for all Victor Planning and Zoning Commission meetings that have taken place during the past two years are available to view and download through the link above. Navigate to the meeting you are interested by clicking the folder with the year, and then the folder with the month and date that the meeting took place.
  • The archive is hosted through Google Drive. If you experience difficulties viewing or downloading a file, please contact Victor Planning and Zoning Administrator Brittany Skelton at

You can learn more about the work to adopt the new code at the project website



This is an unofficial copy of the City Code of Victor Idaho and does not legally bind the City in any manner. This web version of the code is made available for reference purposes only; it may not reflect recent changes to the code and should not be used for any official purpose. For an official copy of any part of the City Code, please contact the City of Victor.


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